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Evolution of Headunit: Pros & Cons

There are hundreds of in-dash car stereo you can find. Not surprisingly, you will probably hear the terms called 2-Din, 1-Din. Basically, they are the stone age technology, but most of the car electronics stores don't want you to know about it.

How come? Because most of them have stocked up a lot of 1-Din, 2-Din in the warehouse in a very low price, so they can sell to someone in a huge margin if the buyer don't have any knowledge in this area.

Simply speaking, if I use the mobile phone as an example, you can consider 2-Din is a Nokia 3310, 1-Din is a Sony Ericsson flip phone, and the integration model that we are selling is an Iphone X which can be compatible in 2019 technology. can imagine the hardware used in 2-Din is very old and 1-Din is acceptable but not the best. Therefore, 2-Din & 1-Din are running in a very slow speed, using an old Operating System, i.e. Android 4.4. Most importantly, the overheating issue is a very serious issue for both 2-Din & 1-Din, if you can recall in recent news that some cars burnt itself may mainly because their old aftermarket car stereo overheats and burnt the whole car.

Compare to our integrated model, it is slimmer, run smoother, uses the latest hardware, basically, the specs are at the top niche. Therefore, our integrated model has a way longer lifespan than others, compatible with all Apps in the Google Play Store.    

Lastly, if you would like to upgrade the firmware, it can be easily done via online, MAPS, Spotify, Youtube and etc can also be downloaded online too. In case you would like to upgrade the Car Dealz car stereo in 5-10 years time, it can be easily upgraded by simply replacing the front monitor.