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Car Dealz OBD 2 Bluetooth 4.2 Car Diagnostic Tool For Android OBDII Protocol Just For Premium Head Unit - Car Dealzz

Car Dealz OBD 2 Bluetooth 4.2 Car Diagnostic Tool For Android OBDII Protocol Just For Premium Head Unit


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This Product will only work on our Premium Head Unit. Please contact us before making a purchase.

Product Details

Our premium OBD2 is a simple and easy to use OBDII Bluetooth car scanner that can help you connect to your vehicle's data using your Android and Windows smart devices. You can diagnose engine trouble codes and know why CHECK ENGINE light is on. You can also customise real-time fuel economy and performance gauges and log engine, trip and fuel data. Autohil AX2 scanner helps you connect to heaps of OBDII Apps available on Google Store giving you more choices on how to use. Simply connect the scanner to OBDII port and pair with your preferred App(s) or Software.

Use Our Tailored APP To Get Engine Trouble Codes, Performance Gauges And Live Sensor Data

Scanner Benefits

With this simple and easy to use Bluetooth scan tool, you can reliably diagnose engine problems and monitor your car’s real-time performance data using your Android devices.

This scanner will help you:

  • Improve your eco-driving with real-time fuel economy data
  • Customise a number of OBD-II performance gauges with the type of data you want
  • Diagnose your car and discover why your engine light is on and turn it off

Real-Time Performance Gauges On Our APP

Pair our Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool to our App and see what your car is doing in real-time: get OBD2 fault codes, car performance gauges, live sensor data and more! Real-time performance data include:


Engine RPM Calculated Load Value Coolant Temperature
Fuel System Status Vehicle Speed Short Term Fuel Trim
Long Term Fuel Trim Intake Manifold Pressure Timing Advance
Intake Air Temperature Air Flow Rate Absolute Throttle Position
Oxygen sensor voltages Fuel System status Fuel Pressure
Fuel Consumption Trip data Many others

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