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Universal OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Scanner


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OBD Car Diagnostic Tools ODB2 Check Engine Automotive Car Code Reader Black

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When a modern, EFI vehicle isn't running correctly, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem. Whilst you may be able to replicate the fault, sometimes the difference between a failing crankshaft position sensor and a faulty ignitor chip may be very difficult to differentiate. In other instances, the vehicle may be perceived to operate correctly, however an illuminated 'check engine' light on the dashboard may raise concerns. In these instances, a modern engine management computer is designed to record any sensors that are not operational or producing signal within factory specified values. The only difficult part is getting this recorded information off the engine management computer, and into your hands.


  • OBD2 (OBD11), EOBD & CAN scan
  • Simple easy to use scanner which allows you to diagnose problems when your check engine light is on
  • Displays live engine data, & can read & erase error codes
  • Designed to suit the AUS & NZ markets

Language: German,Italian,Russian,Dutch,Portuguese,Spanish,French,English
Software Version: V2.6.3
Brand Name: KONNWEI
Software Update: Yes
Special Features: Full obd2 function code reader
OBD2 Scanner: Newest Black Full OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Scanner
OBD2 ODB2 Scanner Features: Wide Screen, Full OBD2 modes for Check Engine
OBD 2 Scanner function: Read code, erase fault codes, read live sensor data
OBD 2 Scanner function 2: EVAP, Mode 6, On-board Monitoring, Battery Check, I/M readiness
Support Vehicles: Universal, Support ALMOST ALL cars after USA-1996, EU-2003, Asia-2007
diagnostics auto scanner update: Free update online, charge free life time
Extra Function for OBD2 scanner: Print Diagnostic Report, Check car VIN code, Battery system check
car diagnostic scanner: in russian, em portugues etc, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian...
obd2 diagnostic tool: check all engine related faults and erase/reset fault codes
KW850 Warranty: 1 years manufacture warranty, best quality auto diagnostic scanner

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Arrived faster than expected. Product is as described. I have used it already and it works great.


Courier brought directly home)))


I will test it on my car is nothing to say deliver fast and well protected


Very nice scan tool with a long cord and 4 graph abilities.


Very fast shipping.

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